DUOFOS Phosphate



Organic Fertilizer • Soil Conditioner

0 – 22 – 0

Citrate Soluble 50% Magnesium 3200 ppm
Citrate Insoluble 50% Potassium 370 ppm
Calcium 30% Sulphur 440 ppm
Silicic Acid 10% Molybdenum 10 ppm
Aluminum Oxide 6% PH 8.2%
Ferric Oxide 4% Moisture Content 3%
Other Minerals 25% High in Microbiological activities
Organic Carbon 8.6 (FALA report)
CEC 129Me/100 grams

DUOFOS is the only natural phosphate that reacts nearly as quick as chemical phosphate, minus most of the damaging side be available for plants within one month (citrate soluble P). Plants need continual phosphorus supply, for max growth, duofos provides that!

DUOFOS originated from guano phosphate ore. It is the long-term development of bird’s dropping & is different from rock phosphate as it is extremely soluble! It is produced only in hot, sunny & rainy tropical regions where millions of sea birds condition are satisfied only in deep uninhabited mountains on cliffs along seacoast, such as that of Madura.


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