Humic acids are the water soluble organic acids naturally present in soil organic matter. Humic Acids are not a single compound, but rather a collection of different molecular weight compounds with similar characteristics. They are usually defined by the process through which they are isolated, rather than by a particular chemical structure. Humic Acid provides a source of soil building carbon.

Duofos is (0-22-0) and is a natural phosphate fertiliser originated from Marine Phosphate Ore. DMP is a product of the decomposition of: accumulated sea birds droppings, carcasses, shells, animal bones, fish and seaweed.
Unlike rock phosphate that takes many years for P release, DMP is a highly soluble mineral fertiliser. Within about 1 week, the P content is available for plants uptake. The rest of P is slowly released and this function is vital to ensure maximum yield. The constant slow release of P in DMP cannot be found in any chemically treated Phosphate such as Super Phosphate or Triple Superphosphate. This is why using DMP results in more harvest and less nitrogen quirement. Special Features – Absorption Temperature Plants absorb DMP very effectively as phosphoric acid contained in DMP can be absorbed at a lower temperature compared to other phosphoric acid fertilizers.
The table above contains information on the temperature at which DMP is absorbed, its absorption rate and fixation rate.



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