SAGREX: Epitomizes the edge of innovation and its relevance in today's world.

Sagrex Corporation (Sagrex) epitomizes the edge of innovation and its relevance in today’s world. Formerly known as “Southern Agro Export Corporation,” the company set out in 1980 to engage purely in the trading of agricultural products and inputs. In the span of three decades, sagrex has evolved into a conglomerate of inter-linked operations that led to the current challenge it is now tackling – gearing up for the world food market.

SAGREX: Ventures that lead where is today

Sagrex started out as a local trader of copra coffee beans and sugar. The company next ventured into the consolidation of volumes of castor seeds, cotton seeds and pineapple and banana degum fiber for exportation to Japan and Germany. After Eight (8) years, the company decided to venture into importation and distribution of NPK Soluble foliar fertilizers when it was awarded the Philippines exclusive distributor of GrowMore, Inc; a California based manufacturer of micronutrients.

SAGREX: The commencement of Spray services.

In 2004, Sagrex commenced its Spraymist Division and, hence included in its array of services the spraying of fertilizer formulations that are designed to enhance the production and to protect various crops from diseases.

SAGREX: The leading supplier and distributer in the local market.

Furthermore, Sagrex was awarded the exclusive distributorship of Doufos Guano, a 100% natural phosphate fertilizer and soil conditioner produced in Indonesia. With its thriving performance and its healthy relationships with the key players in the local market, Sagrex has merited market leadership as a provider of Nitrogen-Phosphorus- Potassium (NPK) soluble fertilizers for foliar application. It is now considered a leader in supplying micronutrient fertilizers for the Three (3) biggest agriculture exports of the Philippines, pineapple, sugar and Cavendish banana.

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