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Southern Agro Export Corporation (SAGREX) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and started business in Davao City in January 1980. It started out as a trading and export company, buying and selling rice and corn, coffee, copra and other agricultural products; exporting castor seeds, cottonseeds and cattle feeds such as Ipil—ipil leaves and cassava chips. It evolved into a diversified company, distributing GROW MORE NPK premium foliar fertilizers and LIQUID natural organic micronutrient chelates.

In 1994, SAGREX ventured in distributing E-WHA P.E. Foam Products in Davao City. After successfully introducing P.E. Foam as cushioning pad for export of fresh Cavendish banana, SAGREX in partnership with E-WHA Foam established the first P.E. Foam manufacturing plant for Visayas-Mindanao in Davao City.

On May 29, 2000, the SEC approved the change of its corporate name from Southern Agro Export Corporation to SAGREX CORPORATION.

ln July 2002, due to increasing market demand on Packaging and Insulation, SAGREX built its own factory building at 2,800sqm property in Dasmariñas Techno Park, Dasmariñas, Cavite. Ordered a bigger P.E. Foam extruder from Korea, Betafoam Corporation was formed.

In 2002, SAGREX CORPORATION was appointed by RB Fields of Malaysia as exclusive distributor. in the Philippines of its complete line of sprayers. It successfully introduced to the market 3-brands of Matibay Sprayers, Junior Matibay, Standard Matibay the Super Matibay Knapsack Sprayer. Lt also developing truck mounted boom sprayers to address the need of banana plantations of alternatives to the aerial sprayers for SIGATOKA control. It successfully launched its own SAGREX truck mounted sprayers in 2004, where it was able to pass the test of Del Monte and Lapanday SIGATOKA Banana spraying standards.

ln 2004, SAGREX Corporation started a partnership with DOST Xl to develop the process to extend the shelf life of Philippine Native “Saba” banana by blast freezing. In May 2005, SAGREX put up an IQF Blast freezer to process microwavable frozen banana and banana fries for export. A new company SAGREX FOODS INC. was registered with the SEC in October 2005.


SAGREX is a leading manufacturer and distributer of quality products which provides a fair and equitable environment for its clients, employees, suppliers, and shareholders.


As a business entity, SAGREX aims to provide quality products through manufacturing and distribution, satisfying customer needs and expectations.