Calcium and Zinc are significantly required by plants from seedlings up to reproductive stage and to actively growing plants.

Liquid Phos Pro

PHOS PRO, a unique liquid fertilizer based on a combination of potassium hypophosphite and multiple buffer system of poly phosphates.

Liquid General Purpose

LIQUID General Purpose is a natural foliar or soil applied material designed to supplement the micro-nutritional requirement of most crops for more and quality produce.


Optimum amounts of the microelements iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron and molybdenum, readily available for absorption by the plant are necessary to allow the plant to grow to its full genetic capacity.

Liquid micronutrient products are manufactured utilizing the natural occurring chelating units in the lignosulfonate molecules. Lignin and lignosulfonates are derived from the wood pulping process and are therefore accepted as natural organic chelates and are particularly suited for use in agriculture because the lignin, being derived from plant material itself, is more easily and readily absorbed by plant tissues.

If applied to the soil, Liquid chelates increase the cationic exchange capacity (CEC). Low CEC allows the leaching of nutrients. Increasing CEC permits these nutrients to be more readily available as the roots come in contact with them.

Benefits from Liquid Micronutrients Include:

  • Quick acting by foliar application
  • Non-phytotoxic to plants and are safe for use by the applicator
  • 100% soluble and naturally adhesive
  • Can be applied to fruit and vegetables with no staining or residue
  • Helps plants build resistance to adverse weather, pests and diseases
  • When soil-applied are 10 times more efficient than the traditional source of nutrients

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