Liquid Iron


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Formation of chlorophyll is dependent on iron, and some enzymes (cytochrome oxidase and catalase) contain this element. Cytochrome facilitates respiration in plants. Respiration is the using of sugars to form carbon dioxide
and water, releasing chemical energy so that the plant may use to effect energy-using reactions such as in cell division and in growth.

Deficiency is characterized by interveinal chlorosis, first appearing on young leaves. in some cases leaves may be completely bleached, margins and tips scorched, often becoming necrotic . This is more frequently met with plants than in vegetables and cereals, especially if there is high amount of manganese in the soil.


  • Promotes formation of chlorophyll, the green color of the plant w/c functions in photosynthesis(starch production).
  • Enzyme mechanism which operate the respiratory system of cell.
  • Reactions involving cell division and growth.


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