Liquid Zinc

Liquid Zinc


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Zinc is the micronutrient key that activates the enzyme system responsible for the production of auxin. Ausin, when properly synthesized in the plant, becomes the natural-occurring growth hormone known as indole acetic acid (IAA). This hormone is active in small amount which is carried to the growing points of the plants where it directs the growth effects. Zinc is also essential in the formation of chlorophyll and for the transformation of carbohydrates and in the regulation of the consumption of sugar.

Zinc deficiency is the most widespead among nutrient deficiencies in the philippines. Because of its relationship to the production of the growth hormone, a deficiency is characterized by the lack of growth in terminal locations where these regulators should be active. Symptoms include stunting, resetting, chlorosis in older loeaves and fruiting is greatly reduced.


  • Growth Hormone
  • Seed and Grain Formation
  • Maturity Date
  • Height of Plant
  • Protein Synthesis


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