Liquid Manganese


Guaranteed Analysis
Manganese…….. 5%
Sulfur……….. 4%

Manganese is a vital enzyme activator to principal processes in plants. it greatly influences formation of chlorophyll (green pigments) through photosynthesis as it particularly facilitates reduction reactions of respiration of nitrite and hydroxylamine to ammonia and on oxidation and respiration. it predominates in the
metabolism of organic acids as this is also closely associated with phosphate fertilization.

Deficiency is characterized by chlorosis as flecking, streaking or mottling depending on the crop affected. Growth is stunted, and necrotic areas may develop on the leaves or elsewhere. Root development is often subnormal. Stems are yellowish-green, often hard and woody.


  • Have a direct or indirect influence on chloroplast and their conversion of sunlight to chemical energy.
  • Serve as an activator for a variety of enzyme reactions such as oxidation/reduction, hydrolysis and group transfer.
  • Part of important enzyme involved in respiration & protein synthesis.
  • Activates the reduction of nitrate and hydroxylamine to ammonia.


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