Guaranteed Analysis
Copper…………….. 5%
Sulfur…………….. 4%

Copper is na enzyme activator and becomes a component of various plant complexes that function in photosynthesis and respiration. Copper is a vital key in the conversion of nitrogen to protein. In grain crops, grain protein level is raised.

Copper enhances the flavor, intensifies the color and greatly improves keeping qualities of fruits and vegetables in shipment and storage. It also provides added protection to the general health of plants against diseases. Increases sugar content.

Deficient in copper may inhibit conversion of ammonia to glutamic acid (protein) and a tip burn and marginal scorch can be seen on leaves. Leaves may appear twisted and curled. Protein content of feed grains will decrease.


  • Enzyme activator
  • Major function in photosynthesis
  • Major function inreprroductive stages
  • Enzymes that function in respiration
  • Indirect role in the chlorophyl
  • Increases sugar content
  • Improves flavor in fruits & vegetables
  • Intensifies Color


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