Liquid Boron


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Boron is associated with water uptake by plants, the regulation between sugar and starch (carbohydrate), nitrogen metabolism, synthesis of functional hormones, and in the formation of the pectic substances in the cell walls. This is also closely related with calcium and potassium utilization, adding protection from the environment and making the plant rigid. This element is very important to legumes and root crops.

The first visible symtoms of deficiency is the death of the apical growing point. Lateral shoots then develop and their growing points die so that the plant becomes stunted and composed of numerous small shoots. Stems and leaves may become thickened,distorted, and sometimes brittle. The root system is stunted, and flowering and fruiting is greatly reduced.


  • Protein synthesis
  • Formation plant hormones
  • Promotes maturity
  • Increases set of flowers
  • Affects nitrogen and carbohydrates metabolism
  • Water relation in plant


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