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Where can I buy Sagrex products?

Please use our guide to find the dealer/distributor nearest to you.

Are Sagrex products registered with the Philippine Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority?

Yes, all Sagrex distributed products under the Growmore & Duofos brand are FPA registered

Is there any expiry date of fertilizers?

Fertilizers can have a shelf life between 8-10 years if stored and handled properly.

How do I store fertilizer (liquids and granular)?

All fertilizers should have a separate storage room to avoid mixing from other chemicals.

Granular fertilizers should be stored in a raised-level and protected location where they will remain dry to avoid absorption of moisture.

Liquid fertilizers should never be stored outside or in an uninsulated shed as the temperature cannot be controlled; freezing or overheating temperatures will destroy the fertilizer’s effectiveness and potency.

Do you have a product for growth promotant?

Sagrex has Duofos, Bio-cozyme and Humic acid granular that serves as bio-stimulant and growth promotant.

Is there a treatment product for seeds?

Yes, Sagrex has two products for seed treatment.

Bio-cozyme with application rate of 1kg/20-30kgs of seeds and Molybdenum with application rate of 5-7ml/kg of seeds, mixed prior to planting.

What product can be used for crop protection?

For organic insecticide, Superkote can be used as crop protection with application rate of 3-5ml/liter at 7-10 days interval.

What product can you recommend for disease prevention?

Sagrex recommended product for disease prevention (fungicide & bacteriacide) is Phos Pro with application rate of 5-10ml/liter or 6-8 tbsp for knapsack sprayer.

Do you have any programs for farmers using your products?

Yes, Sagrex Corporation provides various demo trials and programs for farmers with specific crops. Brochures also include a fertilization guide.

What kind of fertilizer can I use for fruit bearing trees?

Sagrex provides products for fruit development like 4-0-48, CalBoZinc, Calcium Boron and 10-50-10.

What is the best fertilizer for flowering plants?

During growth stage the best fertilizers to used are 30-10-10, 20-20-20,10-50-10,NitroCalZinc, Humus, Duofos and Humic Acid Granular while flowering stage includes 20-5-30, 6-30-30, Calcium Boron, CalBoZinc, Duofos and 10-50-10.

How long does it take granular fertilizer to work on plants?

Within 24 hours upon application.

What is the application rate/hectare, per liter water for Knapsack sprayer?

General application rate of Growmore crop fertilizers is 1kg/hectare while liquid fertilizers is 1liter/hectare at 15days interval.

Duofos application rate 6-10 bags/hectare and Humic acid granular 1-2 bags/hectare at early growing stage.

Is there any technical team/Sales personnel per area/municipality/city/province and or region and how to connect with them?

Yes, Sagrex has Sales representatives nationwide. You can connect with them through our Facebook page or email us at so we can direct you to a Plant Nutrition Specialist nearest to you.

Do you accept franchise applications or third party agreements?

No, Sagrex only caters to dealership/distributorship nationwide. For additional inquiries on this matter, you may email us at

How do I apply as a dealer or distributor?

You may apply as a dealer/distributor by emailing us here at