The Philippines’ agricultural output dropped by 1.7% for the entire 2021. The first quarter registered -3.3%, while the second and third quarters had a -1.5% and a -2.6% output respectively. The industry started to recover in the fourth quarter with crop production growing 0.6% however, Typhoon Odette last December damaged P13.3 billion worth of goods, destroying 130,000 metric tons of rice.

For the country to recover and continue the momentum from the fourth quarter, it is imperative to equip farmers with proper knowledge, the right tools, and the most suitable nutrition program to be able to maximize yield and increase quality of the outputs.

Sagrex’s products have been helping the Philippine agriculture industry for the past 40 years. To continue to drive growth in the agriculture sector, we recommend sagrex programs such as our soil rejuvenation program and plant nutrition products for higher yields this 2022.

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“The Philippines is projected to remain as the world’s second-biggest buyer of rice this year, 2022. Import volume is expected to reach 2.5 million metric tons (MMT), according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Figures from the attached agency of the Department of Agriculture showed that Vietnam accounted for almost 83 percent of the total rice imports during the period. The Philippines purchased 205,192.302 MT of rice from Vietnam.”

As a rice producing country, The Philippines is still the world’s second biggest buyer of rice. By leveraging soil health programs and rice nutrition programs using Sagrex products, we can increase our country’s yield per hectare and in the future become more self-sufficient with our local grain production.

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To further progress and support the Philippine agriculture industry, farmers must be given a viable source of income and ensure that the Philippines is food secure. By equipping our farmers with proper information on suitable crops types and nutrition programs can lead to this progress. Sagrex has been supporting the agriculture industry for 40 years. Our experts can provide recommendations based on what crop to grow based on their amount of land and how to grow higher value crops with the use of our proper soil preparation and fertilization programs.

Main message: to develop our agriculture industry, farmers must also shift to higher value crops (to maximize their land), to grow high value crops farmers must also use the right preparation & nutrition program (where Sagrex Products comes in), in turn helping filipino farmers make better income and helping our agriculture sector progress.

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