Humic Acid Granular



Guaranteed Analysis:
Humic Acid…………………. 75%
Fulvic Acid………………… 14%
Nitrogen…………………… 0.6% – 2.0%

Humic Acid improves microbial growth in soils to produced “healthy living soil”. This will allow the crops to withstand stress conditions such as moisture and nutrient stress, transparent shock, and improve seed germination and seedling vigor.

Humic Acid is produce naturally in the soil from the breakdown of organic matter (usually in the form of crop residue) by bacteria and fungi or micro organism in the soil. The crop residues are converted into carbon dioxide, carbonic acids and numerous mild acids. These acids, stored in the humus complex, are necessary to convert, chelate and released soil minerals.

Recommendation for top dressing or incorporation in soils containing low organic matter such as sandy, gravel, clay or clay-loomed type of soils. Increases soil cation exhange capacity (C.E.C) and improves porosity and friability of soil.

  • A natural occuring humic substance that provides organic matter, humic acid and fulvic acid in a natural, slow-released form
  • Our granular product is air-dried, free flowing and easily blends with native soil and others materials to provide improve soil cation exchange capacity for several years, depending on quality of the native soil
  • It may be applied directly to the soil in its natural granular form as a soil amendment or mixed with granular fertilizers


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